Sunday, June 27, 2010

P-Noy must invite ex-presidents and ex-presidentiables

P-NOY SHOULD INVITE EX-PRESIDENTS AND 2010 PRESIDENTIABLES TO INAUGURAL: I do not know if it is too late for this, but I am urgently and earnestly proposing that all former presidents of this country who are still around---President Ramos, President Estrada and President Arroyo---and all the presidential candidates in the 2010 elections, should be invited to attend the inauguration of President Benigno Aquino III and Vice President Jejomar Binay on June 30, 2010, and then to regularly meet with them thereafter.

Regardless of political leanings and regardless of the acrimonious fight that characterized the 2010 electoral exercise, these former presidents and former presidentiables owe it to God, country and people, especially at this point in our national history, to shed off partisanship and divisiveness and aspire for unity so that, for once, the good of this country will be the overriding agenda of all leaders in the next six years.

Yes, there will be differences about what is good for the country and the people, and there will be differences about what course of action to take to achieve this good, but I am sure that a constant, regular, and open dialogue among all these leaders, initiated by President Aquino at least once a month, will go a long way in solidifying even our leaders and countrymen under one direction---to help this nation become great again.


AGRA SHOULD STOP RESOLVING PENDING CASES: I laud outgoing Justice SecretaryAlberto Agra for his last-minute efforts to expedite the resolution of criminal cases that have remained unresolved through the years with the Department of Justice National Prosecution Service, for indeed, justice delayed is still justice denied.

But then, if these cases could be resolved in the “last two minutes” of Agra’s term through a determined push, how come he did not resolve them when there was still plenty of time upon his appointment?

As it is, many of his own prosecutors and many lawyers practicing at the DOJ, are of the presumption that what Agra is doing is issue “midnight resolutions”, for one reason or another. I believe he should stop what he is doing now, and allow his successor to resolve the cases


VISIT OF MARY TO ELIZABETH CONFIRMS BLESSINGS TO MARY: “Visitation” is what Roman Catholic Christians call the second mystery in the Mysteries of Joy (or Joyful Mysteries) of the Holy Rosary, and it is an account of Mary, the Virgin Mother of Jesus, visiting her ageing but pregnant cousin Elizabeth, wife of Zechariah, just after Mary had an encounter with Gabriel, the Angel of God.

The account of the “Visitation” is narrated in Luke 1:39 to 45 of the Bible, and there we will see that upon Mary’s arrival at the house of Elizabeth and Zechariah, the baby which was in the womb of Elizabeth leaped inside her, with the Holy Spirit coming down upon mother and baby.

In a loud voice, Elizabeth exclaimed to Mary: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear”, confirming Mary’s status as someone blessed by God, as well as the holy status of her child.

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