Sunday, January 17, 2010

BATAS Party List joining May polls in a coalition

BATAS PARTY LIST JOINING MAY 2010 POLLS THRU A COALITION: The list of 144 accredited party list groups allowed to participate in the May 2010 elections for the party list system of representation at the House of Representatives does not contain the BATAS Party List (our party which won two seats in the May 2007 polls), but our supporters should not worry.

By the grace of God, even if BATAS was not included because it was earlier disqualified by the Commission on Elections, it is now a part of a coalition of a registered and accredited party list group, together with other groups that were not accredited by the Comelec for this year’s elections, enabling it to participate just the same.

What is the name of the registered and accredited party list group which is now a coalition partner of the BATAS Party List? Keep yourselves posted here in this column for the answer. Indeed, God is good, God is great.

When He closes a window, he opens not just another window, but even the big door, and, of course, other windows, particularly for those who want to work to push His Word. So, let us wait and allow God to direct our path, as we trust in Him with all our heart, leaning not on our own understanding.


BATAS ADVOCACY: PREACHING THE WORD OF GOD: Pushing the Word of God, particularly among the Filipino youth, is actually the principal advocacy of the BATAS Party List. In May 2007, we pursued the accreditation of BATAS, and its eventual election by the Filipino people, on this important advocacy.

We believed then, as we still believe now, that the reason why Filipinos are suffering from economic hardships, from gross dissension and confusion, and from failures in almost everything they do is because they have turned our backs on God, no longer listening to Him and no longer obeying His commands and laws.

According to the Bible of Christian believers, the only way to avoid all of these, and therefore avoid ultimate destruction for ourselves as a nation, is to listen to God’s Word again, and obey His commands, laws and decrees.

Then and only then will we find ourselves back in the good graces of God. Then and only then will we stop being poor and economically depressed, being enveloped by dissension and wrangling, being a failure in anything we do.

We believe that one great way of doing this is to make our children who are in schools---preparatory, kinder, primary, elementary, high school and college---read the Bible for those belonging to the Christian faith, and the Koran or any other Holy Book for those who are Muslims or followers of other religions.


WEDDING AT CANA, AND MARY’S ROLE AS MEDIATOR BETWEEN MAN AND JESUS: The Bible’s account of the wedding in Cana, where Jesus turned the water into wine as narrated in John 2:1-11, now forms part of the Holy Rosary of the Roman Catholic Christians as its Second Luminous Mystery (or Second Mystery of Light).

Among many Christian believers, this part of Jesus’s life is often unknown or is little heard of, although it should occupy a place of importance because, as the Bible itself in John 2:11says: “This, the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed at Cana, in Galilee. He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him.”

Being the very first miracle of Jesus, it is significant to note that the Bible appears to have portrayed Him as a little hesitant in performing it, considering His refusal to do anything when Mary, His mother, first approached Him when wine had run out during the wedding banquet. Jesus told Mary: “Dear woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come.”

But it was only because of Mary’s persistence---she told the servants, “do as He says” even when she was already rebuffed by her Son---that Jesus relented and, as the Bible itself emphasizes, this became His first ever recorded miracle, the very first revelation of His glory.

If anything at all, therefore, this wedding totally justifies the Roman Catholic Christians’ giving of importance to Mary and calling her, among others, as the “mediatrix of all grace”.

Indeed, it is conceded that the only mediator between God and man is Jesus Christ. But, as shown by the wedding at Cana and the turning of the water into wine, Mary is the most effective mediator between Jesus and man.


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