Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rosales, spiritual leaders, must name “righteous” 2010 candidates

IT WAS A SHAMEFUL DAY FOR THE LEGISLATURE LAST TUESDAY: With the way our senators and congressmen “performed” Tuesday, January 25, 2010, we cannot really blame our people if they persist in the thought that the Philippines would really be better off without the Senate and the House of Representatives.

While senators became the laughing stock of Filipinos as, like children fighting over spilled ice cream they battled, belittled and shamed one another on the C-5-Sen. Manny Villar issue, congressmen were nowhere to be found at the Batasang Pambansa, chosing to ignore their last session day.

And yet, all of them got paid their daily wage, from people’s taxes, just the same. Indeed, it was a shameful day for the legislative branch last Tuesday.


ROSALES AND SPIRITUAL LEADERS MUST NAME “RIGHTEOUS” CANDIDATES: I hope Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales and the rest of the Roman Catholic clergy all throughout the country will find the will to really go out of their pulpits and their churches and wage a campaign that would teach Catholic Filipinos who among the May 2010 candidates are really God-fearing and God-loving.

Indeed, that is the primordial challenge for the Philippines in the May 2010 elections---for the people to elect only those who have the fear and love of God in their hearts. But then, it is quite sad that many of those who are trying to pursue this line have actually fallen short of naming who are God-fearing and who are God-loving among the present aspirants for a political office.

If Rosales can only lead Catholic priests and leaders across the archipelago in educating the faithful on who these candidates are, then we can really say that the Holy Spirit will really intervene in the May 2010 elections, so that only the righteous before God and before men will be given the opportunity to serve.

I will repeat it here: if the next batch of government leaders will be God-fearing and God-loving, there will be no plunderers, no grafters, no corrupt and abusive officials. If this happens, this country will start moving forward, and the lives of Filipinos will definitely get better.


CHURCH LEADERS MUST INTERVENE IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS: Many will say that this kind of a suggestion---for Rosales and other spiritual leaders to name names identifying who are God-fearing and who are God-loving---will only involve the Catholic hierarchy in the country in political wrangling and in-fighting, which maybe true.

But if this declaration of support is viewed from the point of view of the Bible, however, it is clear that endorsing those who are God-fearing and God-loving, while being considered involvement in politics, can really be categorized as obedience to the Word of God which requires the selection of upright, moral, and righteous leaders who will use the Word in their governance.

At this point of our collective lives as a Christian nation where poverty continues to hold in its grip millions and millions of believers and who are in the faith, living debased and morally-bankrupt lives simply because of poverty, there is a need for spiritual leaders to really intervene and participate in the electoral process to make sure that the proper political leaders are chosen and installed, and believers taken out of their desperate lives.

It would really be for the benefit of Christians and others in the faith if the righteous and moral leaders are elected, because these are the leaders that will not steal, will not plunder, will not commit graft and corruption, and will therefore rule with uprightness and righteousness.


LIFE OF JESUS RECOUNTED IN THE MYSTERIES OF THE ROSARY: A keen study of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary will show that each of the mystery recited in praying it constitutes one important aspect of the life of Jesus.

In the Joyful Mysteries, for instance, what is recounted are the following events in the life of Christ: Annunciation, Visitation of Elizabeth by Mary, Birth of Christ, Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple, and Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple.

In the Mysteries of Light, we find the following: Baptism of Jesus, Wedding at Cana, Proclamation of the Kingdom of God, Transfiguration and Institution of the Holy Eucharist through the Last Supper.

The Sorrowful Mysteries narrate these events in the life of Jesus: Agony in the Garden, Scourging at the Pillar, Crowning of Jesus with Thorns, Carrying of the Cross, and Crucifixion and Death of Christ.

Finally, the Glorious Mysteries make an account of the Resurrection, the Ascention, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Assumption of Mary, and the Coronation of Mary as Queeon of Heaven and Earth.

Anyone who prays the Holy Rosary, therefore, gets to remember Jesus Christ and is reminded all over again of His status as our God and Savior.


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