Friday, January 1, 2010

In 2010, Filipinos must try Biblical spirituality

BIBLICAL SPIRITUALITY IS THE DEMAND OF THE TIMES: What are our New Year 2010 wishes? First and foremost, a prayerful and Biblically-oriented Filipino Christians, who will espouse their faith by their works, and who will use the Bible as the basis of their thoughts, words and deeds

This country and our people have already tried almost all possible solutions to the political, social, economic, governmental and peace and order problems we have been experiencing for many generations now, but nothing ever worked.

We are still poor, destitute, and are economically-deprived even in our own land, whereas foreigners are lording it over in business, politics and almost in all other aspects of our day-to-day living.

Perhaps, we should now try spirituality (not religion, for religion will only divide us further) based on the Bible for Christian Filipinos, or on the Koran for Muslim Filipinos and on other Holy Books for other Filipino religions.

The Christian Bible says it is only when we go back to God through His commands, laws and decrees that He will heal our land from the curses brought about by our having turned our backs on Him, and it is only when we learn to be humble before Him and to pray, to seek Him and stop our wickedness that we will be exalted as a nation.


CARRYING OF THE CROSS: All of Christendom are aware that before Jesus was crucified, His tormentors greatly increased His suffering by compelling Him to carry the cross with which He will be crucified.

This part of Jesus’ life is called “Carrying of the Cross” and it is now the fourth mystery in the “Sorrowful Mysteries” of the Holy Rosary of Roman Catholic Christians. An account of it could be found in all the Gospels: Matthew 27:31-35, Mark 15:20-22, Luke 23:28-31 and John19:17.

Again, the rendering of the event by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is relatively short and direct to the point.

What one sees is merely the act of the soldiers leading Jesus away from Pilate, ordering Him to carry the cross, and, along the way, compelling Simon from Cyrene to carry the cross, too.

In Luke, however, one notices the fact that while Jesus was carrying the cross, there were “a large number of people” following Him, including women who mourned and wailed for Him.

When Jesus saw the mourners, He told them not to mourn for Him but that they should mourn for themselves instead, for a time was coming to them when they will wish that they were not born at all, in view of the grievousness of their sin against Him

               CRUCIFIXION AND DEATH OF JESUS: The final mystery in the “Sorrowful Mysteries” of the Holy Rosary of Roman Catholic Christians is the “Crucifixion and Death of Jesus.” As this statement suggests, it is an account of how Jesus died through crucifixion.
               In Matthew, it can be found in its Chapter 27, verses 33 to 61. In Mark, it is written in its Chapter 15, verses 22 to 47, while in Luke, this story is told in its Chapter 23, verses 32 to 56. In John, it is narrated in its Chapter 19, verses 18 to 42.
               Despite its obvious defeatist stance because it portrays the death of Jesus, the “Crucifixion and Death of Jesus” actually represents a glorious victory for the Son of God and for all those who believe in Him.
               For this “death” is no death all. It is a victorious fulfillment of what Jesus had been saying all along, that He was going to die in the hands of sinners, so that the Scriptures will be fulfilled.
               Then, this death was a necessary process, as it were, so that sins could be forgiven, and its actual happening, in the full view of witnesses, confirms God’s forgiveness of everyone who believes in Jesus and for those who repent and turn from their wicked ways.
               The death of Jesus, therefore, signals a “defeat”, yes, but it is a defeat of sin and wickedness, and the triumph of God’s great love for man.
               UP SIGMA RHO JANUARY 09, 2010 FETE SET:  Here is an announcement for the members of the Sigma Rho Fraternity of the UP College of Law that reached me through texting, coming from Brod. Juancho Baun:
               “To welcome the New Year, you are cordially invited for lunch on Saturday, January 09, 2010, 12 noon, at the Mckinley Room, Manila Polo Club, Forbes Park, with brods Johnny Enrile, Ed Angara and Frank Drilon in attendance.
               “Happy New Year. See you there. Thanks. Brods Boy Reyno, Boy Lazation, Nilo Pena and Nonong Cruz.”
               There! I hope all Sigma Rhoans read this announcement on time for the affair. BATAS INTERNET RADIO and BATAS INTERNET TV, through, will cover the event live, and broadcast it nationally and internationally.

BATAS INTERNET RADIO, BATAS INTERNET TV: Please listen to BATAS INTERNET RADIO through the website (click We go on the air 24 hours a day, Mondays to Fridays. Also, watch BATAS INTERNET TV, also at (click BatasITV).


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