Thursday, October 8, 2009

BATAS INTERNET TV: “an invitation for investment”

BATAS INTERNET TV INTENDS TO OPERATE SOON:Is there anyone out there willing to invest in the establishment of an Internet TV which is beamed nationwide and worldwide at a minimum cost?

The Board of Management of BATAS INTERNET RADIO ( and wants to know, as it furiously embarks on starting an Internet TV station using the present facilities of BATAS RADIO in a couple of months from now.

The objective is to use Internet video streaming to operationalize the Internet TV, which, initially, will feature the on-going programs of BATAS INTERNET RADIO which are now airing 20 hours a day, Mondays to Fridays, starting at 4 in the morning and ending at 12 midnight.

To be called BATAS INTERNET TV, the projected Internet television station hopes to strengthen the brand of public service being provided by BATAS INTERNET RADIO at the moment, particularly in three interactive fields: timely delivery of latest news from the Philippines and around the world, free counseling on legal issues and ordinary problems, and heightening spiritual awareness, regardless of religion.


FINANCING REQUIREMENTS FOR BATAS TV: But these thrusts will require financing, particularly in the procurement of broadcast quality TV cameras and the other equipment required to transmit the video streaming from BATAS INTERNET RADIO.

I was made to understand that this kind of a system will require an initial investment of about Php1.5 million, even if only second-hand cameras and equipment will be installed.

Consequently, the Board of Management of BATAS INTERNET RADIO is circulating an “invitation for investment” from people who have money which are not needed by them at the moment and can part with such money in the meantime.


AN INVITATION FOR INVESTMENT: Here is the letter: “Friends: Salamat sa Diyos sa ngalan ni Jesus. I am writing this letter to you in the hope of finding partners in a venture that will see the establishment of an Internet television in the Philippines, broadcasting live from the Philippines nationwide and worldwide, using the facilities of BATAS INTERNET RADIO.

“The Internet TV, to be called BATAS INTERNET TV, will be very much like ABS CBN’s `Tele Radyo’ and DZRH’s RHTV…

“It is intended likewise to hit the cable stations in Metro Manila and nationwide, starting off with the cable companies in the provinces for easier access and faster integration, so that we can be seen locally likewise, anywhere in the Philippines….

“We have been told that we will need about one million five hundred thousand pesos (Php1,500,000.00) to cover these expenses. Perhaps, some of you, our esteemed friends, maybe interested to join us and invest in this venture, and can part with money not needed by you in the meantime…

“…The investors will then be given priority preference in the pro-rated distribution of any income that maybe generated by the Internet TV, after operations….”

If there is anyone out there interested to invest, please call 0917 984 2468, or email me at, or at


ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY: The fourth “Glorious Mystery” in the Holy Rosary of the Roman Catholic Christians is the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which deals with the taking up into heaven of Mary, body and soul.

Even among Christians though, this is a controversial issue, with many of the so-called believers outside of the Catholic faith insisting that the assumption of Mary into heaven did not happen.

But the teachings of Roman Catholic Christians point to the occurrence of the event, and Catholic popes and leaders from the 3rd century on actually cite many portions of the Bible to justify this belief.

In Wikipedia, an item on the assumption of Mary contains this explanation: “All these passages – John 14:3, Isaiah 60:13, Luke 1:28, Song of Songs 8:5, 1st Corinthians 15:21-26, Psalms 132:8, Psalms 45:9-17, Song of Songs 3:6, 4:8, 6:9, Genesis 3:15, and Revelation 12:1-2 – are drawn upon as Scriptural support of the Assumption both in that original document, and today by Catholic apologists.”

The prevailing thought is that these Biblical references show that Jesus would not have allowed His own mother to have died and her flesh to have degenerated to dust, and that considering Mary’s role in giving birth to the “seed” (Jesus) that will crush Satan, it is believed that the fate of Jesus in ascending to heaven body and soul is the same fate that happened to Mary.


BATAS RADIO: Please listen to BATAS INTERNET RADIO, an Internet radio station under and Log on to either of these two sites, click BATAS RADIO and you can stay tuned for 20 hours a day, from 4 in the morning to 12 midnight, Mondays to Fridays, enjoying the latest news, credible commentaries, free legal and problem counseling from the point of view of the Bible.


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