Friday, October 23, 2009

BATAS RADIO can be accessed only at now

To all our friends who have been following us at and BATAS RADIO through the same website, we have been experiencing some technical problems with that site and, correspondingly, with BATAS RADIO.

The website has been down for the last several days, so you can not access it from the Internet. Also, you can not listen to BATAS RADIO through

If you would want to listen to BATAS RADIO and its programs at this point, you can access it through Click "pure internet", click "Luzon", and you will see "Batas Radio."

Click "Batas Radio" and you will be able to listen to us with our broadcasts from 4 am to 12 midnight.


Ms. Arlene Balagot, the website administrator for, told me that the website appeared to have been "tampered with" by unscrupulous individuals.

It would seem that the "tamperers" managed to secure a password which only Ms. Balagot knows, and then used it to access the database of the website.

As a result, the site got "down", and no longer accessible. Ms. Balagot told me that she will make an effort to ask the host server what happened, but this will take some time.

Therefore, if anyone wants to continue listening to BATAS RADIO in the meantime, access, click "pure internet" and then click "Batas Radio."


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