Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gov’t must deploy CSC eligibles to foreign jobs

CSC TO STUDY PLAN TO SEND ELIGIBLES TO FOREIGN JOBS: Am I thankful to God, in the name of Jesus, that I was the one who conducted the interview Tuesday night over BATAS INTERNET RADIO (www.batasmauricio.com and www.eradioportal.com) of Director IV Maria Leticia G. Reyna, the chief of the Examination, Recruitment and Placement Office of the Civil Service Commission (CSC)!

The reason is that, during the interview which lasted for about an hour, I managed to secure a commitment from Director Reyna (or simply May to her friends) that she will push my suggestion that CSC eligibles (professional and sub-professional) who have not been employed by the government yet be deployed for overseas employment by the government itself.


CSC ELIGIBLES QUALIFIED TO BECOME OFWs: May told me that my suggestion was never thought of before, but is highly doable, and could in fact be greatly beneficial to the millions of Filipinos who have managed to pass the CSC exams which classified them as eligibles or qualified to be appointed to any government post in the Philippines but are not working yet for lack of available governmental positions.

My perception is that since the government through the CSC certifies to the fitness and qualification of those who have become eligibles, precisely because they have passed a rigid government examination, that should make them fully qualified for overseas employment and become overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).


ABUSES VS OFWs TO BE MINIMIZED: Then, if the government itself undertakes the deployment abroad of these individuals, that would lessen illegal recruitment and collection of exorbitant recruitment fees, which is usually what happens when recruitment is done by private agencies.

This suggestion would also minimize abuses against Filipinos working abroad because their deployment would be undertaken through government to government negotiations, and would even assure the payment of appropriate salaries and benefits.


SOLUTION UP FOR FAKE TEACHERS’ LICENSES: During the interview, I also thanked God in the name of Jesus that Director Reyna agreed with my perception that, to solve the problem of many elementary and high school teachers whose teachers’ licenses were reported to be fake and spurious, a validation examination could be specifically drawn up for them.

This problem actually afflicts almost all public elementary and high schools nationwide, according to people from the Department of Education who brought this to my attention several years back, and who claim nothing has been done to solve it all through these years.


“VALIDATION EXAMS” FOR AFFECTED TEACHERS EYED: One group of DepEd officials are saying the teachers should be immediately fired and then prosecuted. They are supported in this regard by a number of CSC officials who believe, even without any proof yet, that the teachers themselves committed the falsification of their licenses.

Another group however is saying that the teachers are themselves the victims, especially by some unscrupulous persons who are either officially connected, or not, with the exams-giving agency, the Professional Regulations Commission, and so they must not be unnecessarily punished but given some kind of a validation exams instead.


RESURRECTION OF JESUS, AS FIRST GLORIOUS MYSTERY: After the “Sorrowful Mysteries”, the “Glorious Mysteries” in the Holy Rosary of the Roman Catholic Christians follow. The “Glorious Mysteries” constitute the last batch of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

The first of the so called “Glorious Mysteries” is the “Resurrection of Jesus”, and long accounts of it are contained in Matthew 28:1 to 20, Mark 16:1 to 20, Luke 24:1 to53, and John 20 and 21.

All of these Gospels say that Mary Magdalene and another woman went to the place where Jesus was entombed, after his crucifixion and death, and found that His body was no longer there.

Then, an angel of the Lord appeared, and told the women that Jesus has risen, as He prophesied about Himself, and was in fact going to Galilee, to meet His disciples.

Shortly after this and in many other incidents thereafter, Jesus showed Himself to His disciples, allowing them to touch His wounds, even eating with them, and, finally, giving them the Great Commission: to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus likewise ordered His disciples to teach the nations to obey everything that He taught and commanded the disciples, assuring them that He will be with them, to the very end of the age.


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