Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Does Binay have a chance of winning as vice president?

CAN MAYOR BINAY WIN AS VICE PRESIDENT? Will Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay have a chance against Sen. Mar Roxas, Sen. Loren Legarda, Sen. Bong Revilla and Sen. Chiz Escudero, who, like him, are all similarly running for the vice presidency in May 2010?

Of course, Binay is conceded to have already attained the status of a financial giant nowadays, and so he will have the money to spend for his candidacy in a manner that could shame even the traditionally-rich Mar Roxas.

The mayor, however, has not shown yet his capacity to draw votes on a national scale, something that all his opponents have already proven. In fact, he has not shown yet that Filipino voters even know him.

So, how does Binay hope to win? Or, is he even thinking of winning at all? Which brings me to another important question: is he serious in running for the vice presidency?


INTERNET POSTINGS BARE PNP MEN’S INVOLVEMENT IN ROBBERIES IN METRO: There is a series of emails going the rounds of the Internet in the last several weeks which should be acted upon with dispatch and urgency by the Philippine National Police (PNP), unless, of course, the emails are true.

There are two reasons why the PNP must act on this: first, because policemen are being accused of engaging in robbery hold-ups themselves along Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares, and second because policemen, if not directly involved in the heists, are pictured to be allowing the robberies to take place.

Here is one such email: “Dear Friends, Pls. see modus operandi (MD) below. This also happened to my officemate unfortunately the kidnappers were successful. She was abducted overnight and was able to take money from her.

“Sa kanya naman, along Evacom, as if there was a check point, a policeman in a complete PNP uniform is scanning through a flashlight on all vehicles passing thru (scanning for a potential victim pala).


MODUS OPERANDI INVOLVES POLICE CHECKPOINTS? “Since she was alone and siguro nakita cia na babae kaya cia ang napiling biktimahin. She was cut somewhere along Evacom going to Las Pinas, she don’t remember na if the car is Innova or Avanza, madilim kase sa area.

“And the pretending policeman said to her `Di mo ba alam hot car tong dinadrive mo. Dadalhin ka namin sa presinto’. Trying to explain, my officemate opened her window, then un na.. everything turns so fast.

“…nakapasok na un `policeman’ with his companion on her car.. then she just realized she is in danger. In God’s grace she was not hurt and her life was spared in exchange of her money.

“…Wala namang ransom, but the night she was abducted they were able to withdraw money thru ATM and early morning she withdrew over the counter for a sum of money. Stay safe everyone and God Bless! Best regards, Del (Rivera, Delia-DRIVERA1@”

We will try to have more of this in our succeeding issues, God willing.


PRESENTATION OF THE CHILD JESUS AT THE TEMPLE: The fourth Joyful Mystery of the Holy Rosary, as prayed by devout Roman Catholic Christians worldwide, pertains to the presentation of the Child Jesus at the Temple, a story that is found in Luke 2:21 to 40 of the Bible.

At first glance, the account of how Jesus was presented at the Temple seemed to indicate concern merely for the completion of the then existing purification process for males as mandated by the law of Moses, but, when one looks closer, it becomes apparent that this story of the presentation is actually another Biblical confirmation about who Jesus really is and what He is destined to do.

Thus, we can see two individuals, one man (the righteous and devout Simeon) and one woman (the prophetess Anna, then 84 years of age), prophesying about Jesus as Someone who will cause the rise and fall of many in Israel, and as Someone who will redeem God’s people.

Simeon in particular confirmed that he had received a revelation that he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Christ. When Simeon saw Jesus, the Holy Spirit came over him, and he said he was ready to die in peace, since he already saw the Lord.

Anna on the other hand who was widowed after being married for only seven years, spent the rest of her life, until she was 84 years old, worshipping, fasting and praying at the temple. When she saw Jesus, she spoke about Him to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.


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