Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Helping abandoned children just a phone away now

HELPING ABANDONED CHILDREN IS AS EASY AS CALLING THE PHONE: Do you know of any children in your neighborhood, or anywhere you may find them, that are abandoned, orphaned, or simply not being cared for anymore?

You can actually help these children by dialing these three numbers: (02) 5012556, 09158996628 and 09223199148.

Visionary President Cathy Oyao of the Rotary Club of Pasay Gil Puyat, District 3810 of Rotary International (RI), owns these numbers, and Cathy and her club would be more than willing to take the children and then care for them, in line with the thrusts laid down by RI President John Kenney and District 3810 Gov. Connie Beltran for Rotary Year 2009-2010.

Cathy told me in an interview during the program “Rotary Moments” at BATAS INTERNET RADIO (www.batasmauricio.com) on Tuesday (November 03, 2009) that this is made possible by a partnership of her club with a Christian group called “Love of Jesus Children’s Foundation” which specializes in child-caring projects.

The objective is to see to it that the children, who have been left all alone to themselves by force of circumstances, are given a new lease on a better life, and ultimately taken away from the hopelessness and despondency of a deprived childhood.


CHRISTIAN CHURCH OPERATES “SHELTER HOUSE” FOR ABANDONED CHILDREN: The children will actually be housed in some kind of a “shelter house” in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City, which is owned and operated by the Foundation, which is in turn run and managed by Bishop Tito Sanchez and his daughter, Pastor Rachel Sanchez, of the River of God Christian Church.

As of now, the shelter house (which is supported by international and local partners like Cathy’s Rotary club) cares for 28 children who were all “street children” prior to their having joined the Foundation. Their ages range from 4 years old (the youngest) to 12 years old (the oldest), without any known parents.

Aside from being provided with their daily sustenance, the kids are also enrolled in special nursery and elementary courses depending on their age, which the Foundation itself had been authorized to offer by the Department of Education.

When they have been sufficiently “de-briefed” and taught basic values in truthfulness, honesty, hard work and fear and love of God, the children are then allowed to be adopted legally, or cared for by foster parents even without the benefit of adoption.


RC PASAY GIL PUYAT PURSUES POLIO ERADICATION AND OTHER PROJECTS: But, over and above this very noble endeavor by the Rotary Club of Pasay Gil Puyat in partnership with Bishop Sanchez and Pastor Rachel Sanchez, President Cathy is also pursuing other worthwhile Rotary projects.

Every Wednesday, she is undertaking a regular medical-dental-surgical mission among the poor residents of Tondo, Manila, in cooperation with the Rotary Clubs of Tondo, Intramuros and Macapagal, where Intramuros President Art Platon acts as the surgeon.

Cathy’s club is also providing scholarships and free schooling for poor students who are pursuing courses on physical therapy as well as on livelihood generation (accessory-making, cooking gourmet “tuyo” or dried fish and Spanish sardines, and beauty parlor operation, and establishment of operatives).

It is also continuing to implement polio eradication treatments more particularly along Bgy. Kalayaan, MIA Road, Pasay City, where the club is also distributing Vitamin A supplements to kids aged 1 to 5 years old.


LAST SUPPER AND THE INSTITUTION OF THE HOLY EUCHARIST: The fifth and last mystery in the Mysteries of Light (or the Luminous Mysteries) of the Holy Rosary of Roman Catholic Christians is the “Institution of the Holy Eucharist through the Last Supper”, an event which is now being used as basis for the Catholics’ claim that Jesus Christ is present in all Catholic masses around the world.

Found in Matthew 26:17-29, Mark 14:12-25 and Luke 22:7-20, the story about the Last Supper contains an order from Jesus, which is significant as it is unique: “do this in remembrance of me”.

The question of course is: why would Jesus tell his disciples, who were having the Last Supper with Him, to break bread and drink wine “in remembrance of me” or “in memory of me”?

There could only be one answer and here lies the significance and the uniqueness of the Last Supper: Jesus wanted all those who believe in Him to remember Him every time they partook of food and drinks, to remember that all the grace and blessings that come to them who eat and drink actually come from the benevolence of God.

And since everything comes from the benevolence of God, we should always be thankful to Him, and recognize that without Him, we are nothing and we have nothing, and that whatever we are eating and drinking represents Jesus, so that Jesus actually is with us all the time.

Finally, the order of Jesus to break bread and drink wine “in remembrance of me” actually asks all of us to remember that Jesus allowed His body and blood to be offered for the forgiveness of our sins, thereby confirming that He is not only God, but our Savior.


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