Friday, December 25, 2009

CPP endorsement increases Villar’s 2010 chances

WEDDING AT CANA, AND MARY’S ROLE AS MEDIATOR BETWEEN MAN AND JESUS: The Bible’s account of the wedding in Cana, where Jesus turned the water into wine as narrated in John 2:1-11, now forms part of the Holy Rosary of the Roman Catholic Christians as its Second Luminous Mystery (or Second Mystery of Light).

Among many Christian believers, this part of Jesus’s life is often unknown or is little heard of, although it should occupy a place of importance because, as the Bible itself in John 2:11says: “This, the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed at Cana, in Galilee. He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him.”

Being the very first miracle of Jesus, it is significant to note that the Bible appears to have portrayed Him as a little hesitant in performing it, considering His refusal to do anything when Mary, His mother, first approached Him when wine had run out during the wedding banquet. Jesus told Mary: “Dear woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come.”

But it was only because of Mary’s persistence---she told the servants, “do as He says” even when she was already rebuffed by her Son---that Jesus relented and, as the Bible itself emphasizes, this became His first ever recorded miracle, the very first revelation of His glory.

If anything at all, therefore, this wedding totally justifies the Roman Catholic Christians’ giving of importance to Mary and calling her, among others, as the “mediatrix of all grace”.

Indeed, it is conceded that the only mediator between God and man is Jesus Christ. But, as shown by the wedding at Cana and the turning of the water into wine, Mary is the most effective mediator between Jesus and man.


GET WELL SOON, JUSTICE SABIO: If you just read the December 25, 2009 Inquirer headline on Court of Appeals’ Justice Jose L. Sabio and did not read the story that followed it, you would think it was the justice who was being pursued for bribery.

The headline read: “DOJ to pursue bribe rap vs Sabio in Meralco-GSIS case”. This was of course unfair, for in the body of the story, it appeared that it was not Sabio who was sued for bribery, but businessman Francis De Borja who claimed Sabio asked Php50 million from him for a favorable ruling in the Meralco-GSIS row.

This must have caused quite a stir among the Sabio Family members, especially since the justice, as per reports of his own lawyer Vicente Chuidian, is still in a coma fighting for his life after he collapsed on November 21, 2009.

We wish the Inquirer will rectify its headline. We wish Justice Sabio well, too, but it is certainly sobering to think that despite one’s lofty positions in life, there is going to be an end to everything and that we will be called to account for everything we did, everything we said, and everything we thought of while we were alive.


CPP ENDORSEMENT INCREASES VILLAR’S CHANCES IN 2010: The statement by the Communist Party of the Philippines saying that presidential candidate Sen. Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party appears to be the most patriotic presidentiable running in the May 2010 elections is a virtual endorsement of his candidacy.

This could further sway the tide in his favor in the days to come and increase his chances of winning, especially considering the admitted fact that in many far-flung areas of the archipelago, it is the communist rebels who dictate on who the people should vote for.

What is more, the statement which was distributed to media to mark the party’s 41st anniversary on December 26, 2009, took the opportunity to lambast Villar’s opponents by claiming that these other presidentiables have “bloodstained records of opposing the demands of workers and peasants...”

The statement is a virtual repudiation of the other candidates, at it read in part: “... (Sen. Benigno) Aquino of Hacienda Luisita notoriety, (Gilbert) Teodoro of being the mad dog defense secretary of Arroyo and (former President Joseph) Estrada of having a bellicose record during his failed presidency.”

So, at the rate things are going, is it President Manny Villar already?


MESSAGES FOR CHRISTMAS 2009: I wish to thank everyone who sent me their Christmas messages for 2009. Indeed, while there are many who wish us ill because they think of me as their enemy, there are more people who consider us as their friend in view of our work in helping the poor and the less fortunate fight for their rights, and preach the Word of God.

Here are some of the messages: Sonia Roco, Liberal Party senatorial candidate (message erased).

Quezon City Rep. Vincent “Bingbong” Crisologo: “Rita and I, together with our children EDRIX, ONYX, CHIP and ALEX, would like to wish you and your loved ones a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A MORE BLESSED NEW YEAR. Thank you for the blessing of your friendship. May the birth of our Lord Jesus as our Savior continue to be a reality in all areas of our lives this coming new year and the years to come....”

Jeff Canoy, ABS CBN: “Mga sir, ma’am, kuyang at ateng...isang masayang masayang Christmas sa inyo at sa pamilya ninyo. Hinay-hinay lang sa noche buena...”

Rotary International District 3810 Governor-Nominee: “Wishing you the gentle joys of daily life; the warm contentment of home, the loving presence of family and friends, and GOD’S unfailing love. Merry Christmas...”


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