Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ex defense chief wants polls scrapped, transition gov't put up in 2010

ABAT SEEKS SCRAPPING OF MAY 2010 POLLS: If former Defense Secretary Fortunato Abat will have his way, he wants the May 2010 elections scrapped.

In an interview with BATAS INTERNET RADIO Friday, December 11, 2009, Abat said this is necessary to pave the way for the establishment of a “Transition Government” that will rule the Philippines for a period of two to three years from May 2010.

The objective here, Abat told me, is to “liberate the nation from the clutches of old-time, ineffectual, inutile political status quo which has brought nothing to the nation except miseries, retrogression, enormous disparity in the economic, social, and political status of the haves and the have-nots.”

The former AFP general, who was among those sued by the Arroyo government for sedition for publicly seeking Mrs. Arroyo’s ouster from the presidency several years back, said he has come up with a “concept paper” detailing the establishment and the operation of the proposed “Transition Government”, giving copies to various individuals through email.

I was one of those who received the emailed proposal.


PGMA TO BE ALLOWED TO FINISH HER TERM IN 2010: But Abat said this proposal of his, which he claims is now strongly supported by many groups and individuals including active and retired military officers and men, would have to be “approved” by President Arroyo who, under the proposal, would be allowed to finish her term in 2010.

This is the reason why, Abat explained, he has been trying to talk to the President earlier on, so he could explain the mechanics of his proposal. He said those running for the presidency and other positions next year must also agree to give up their ambitions and give way to the transition government.

How is the transition government going to be established? Secretary Abat explains it in his “concept paper” thus: “With the AFP/PNP maintaining a neutral position, civil society or a component thereof intervenes in the governance of the nation as the occasion arises using Sec. 1, Art. II of the present Constitution which states `Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.’

“The AFP and the PNP and the civil society then coordinate to form the Transition Government constituted by a Transition Board presided by a Chairman who shall act as the Commander-in-Chief, and a Governing Council whose Head shall be the Chief Executive Officer.


OFFICES OF PRESIDENT, VEEP AND CONGRESS TO BE SUSPENDED: “Officers and members of the Board and the Council shall be chosen from among the civil society and the retired military. The AFP/PNP shall insure that the transition is peaceful and orderly, and, conscious of their apolitical and protector roles, provide a secure climate for an authoritative governance of the transition government.

“The offices of the President, Vice President, and Congress shall be suspended for the duration of the transition to give the transition government a chance to perform.

“The transition is intended to reform present institutions of governance and clean the ills of the traditionally corrupt political system in a timeline of 2 to 3 years.

“A Constitutional Commission shall be constituted to amend the present Constitution as the Transition Constitution and draft a new Constitution for the ratification of the people within the timeline period. The major actors in the Transition Government shall not be eligible for candidacy in the initial election for the new Constitutional Government...”

More of this emailed proposal next issue...


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