Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rebellion in Maguindanao justifies martial law

REBELLION IN MAGUINDANAO JUSTIFIES MARTIAL LAW: If you read the report of President Arroyo on the declaration of martial law in Maguindanao which was submitted to the Senate and the House of Representatives, there should be no doubt at all that a state of rebellion is indeed in existence in the province where some 57 people were abducted and virtually slaughtered like pigs on November 23, 2009.

The presence of heavily armed groups whose number and firepower could match the best from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police, the striking positions these armed groups have taken, and the documented statements that they are ready to kill and be killed rather than lay down their arms in obedience to the directives of the President as commander-in-chief, all point to an actual taking up of arms, which is rebellion.

GOV’T MUST ARREST ALL ILLEGALLY ARMED MEN IN MAGUINDANAO: Certainly, this is an actual threat, and a continuing one at that, that requires immediate and effective counter-measures from the duly-constituted authorities, if we are to avert the escalation of violence on a national scale and the possible dismemberment of the republic.

What alarms me most now is the fact that, while the media has been reporting arrests of suspected perpetrators of the November 23, 2009 massacre, those arrested do not even constitute at least 10 percent of the reported number of those who compose the armed groups readying to do battle with government.

The government must do something to arrest all of those who are now armed to the teeth in Maguindanao.


PRAYER-FASTING FOR COMELEC LAUNCHED BY PRESIDENTIABLE: I am supporting the “prayer fasting” that Born Again Bishop Bert Mercado, who is a presidential candidate for the May 2010 elections, is launching starting Monday, 07 December 2009 and ending some two weeks later, in of the Commission on Elections headquarters in Intramuros, Manila.

The “prayer fasting” seeks to offer prayers and fasting from Mercado and other members of different Christian and Born Again groups, not really in support of his presidential bid but, he said, more for asking God’s guidance, blessings and protection upon Comelec officials so they will work hard to make clean and honest elections a reality.

Indeed, we must all pray and fast (for those whose physical condition will allow it) so that Comelec officials will have it in their hearts to act like someone who have the true fear and love of God in their hearts, to enable them to resist temptation and the enticements of the corrupt.


LADY LAWYER MAKES A RUN FOR THE SENATE: Here is the first part of a letter from a fellow lawyer, Atty. Grace Rinoza Plazo who decided to run for senator under the banner of the “Ang Kapatiran Party”, explaining the whys and the wherefores of her decision to see public office:

“Dear Fellow Filipinos: Our country is God’s gift to you and me. There’s no other place more precious to us than our land. Our spirits and dreams are rooted in its soil. What has happened to this gift of our Creator?

“Our nation has been debased and abused for so long, both by colonizers and home-grown tyrants; by self-serving leaders and an indifferent people. Yet, we have withstood the ravages of corruption and prolonged neglect. Our country is resilient and so are we.

“But our country is at the verge of collapse. Filipinos are scattered throughout the world in search of hope; we are restless, afraid and hopeless here in our homeland. Unless we act now, we may never see the sunrise of our dreams for a better Philippines….”

More of this issue next issue.


SALVATION IN THE MIDST OF SIN: One question that usually confronts believers who live side by side with sinners and others who no longer follow God’s commands, law and decrees, is this: will believers still be saved when destruction is rained down upon a people who have been committing sin?

The answer, found in Genesis 18:16 to 33 of the Holy Bible, is yes, believers will be spared when God finally destroys a people steeped in transgressions. According to Genesis, Abraham repeatedly asked God whether the sin city of Sodom will be crushed if there were fifty, forty five, forty, thirty, twenty, ten, and even only five, righteous people remaining in the city.

God unhesitatingly said yes to Abraham each time, promising that Sodom will not be destroyed, if there will be righteous people living there, even if they number only five. Truly, this is an inspiring Biblical truth, because it shows God’s faithfulness to those who chose to remain true to Him to the end, even if they remained alone while all others have sinned.

This assures salvation to the faithful, who will continue following God even in the midst of sin.


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