Saturday, December 12, 2009

Philippines: "cover-up justice for the rich and the famous"

PACQUIAO AND “ANIMUS REVERTENDI”: People’s champ Manny Pacquiao must be told that, even if businessman Roy Chiongbian does not actually reside in Sarangani Province, Roy can still run as congressman there because of the principle in political law known as “animus revertendi”.

Under this widely-known legal concept, any individual who, at one point in his life, took residence in a certain place and then left it for some other region for any reason is deemed to continue his residence in the area where he was first a resident as long as he exhibits, or has exhibited, a desire to retain his residence in that first area.

Consequently, if he has shown a desire to continue his residency in the first area, he will be allowed to run for any position there even if, in the meantime, he has resided or went into business in another place.


PHILIPPINES: “COVER-UP JUSTICE FOR THE RICH AND THE FAMOUS”: Here is the continuation of an article by lawyer Marlowe Camello, a Filipino based in the US, disputing the establishment of a transition government in the Philippines after May 2010, as proposed by former Defense Secretary Fortunato Abat:

“Can anyone tell us if there is such an exemption under the constitution that the president cannot be indicted for a crime? I will send $1000 to anyone who can find and point to me in the constitution that provides exemption of the president from criminal prosecution.

“The reason why the Philippine Government is so corrupt ever since this so-called Republic of the Philippines was inaugurated was because justice has been a monopoly of the president along with his or her powerful allies and has set up the justice system as none of the people's business.

“The people cannot check the anomalies of public officials because they, the people, are not privy to justice. Philippine justice is a cover-up justice for the rich and famous...”

We will upload the concluding part of this article in our next issue, and start publishing Secretary Abat’s full concept paper on “transition government”.


MARITAL INFIDELITY HUGS HEADLINES, PART II: This is the final instalment of Melcor Virata’s thoughts on marital infidelity, earlier distributed in the Internet through the egroup of the UP Sigma Rho Fraternity:

“Intimacy – Your intimate thoughts and feelings belong to you and your partner. If you find yourself being drawn into a situation where you want to help someone who is emotionally needy, step away from the situation. Refer them to a professional for help.

“The Line – There is a line. On one side of the line you are being faithful to your partner, and on the other side of the line you are being unfaithful to your partner. Whether it is an old girlfriend, an Internet friend or and email exchange, there is a moment where the exchange becomes inappropriate. In your gut you know when it happens.

“A simple test to keep you on the straight and narrow is to answer this question. If your partner heard or read this exchange, would it hurt or concern them? If the answer is yes, then you have no business on that side of the line.

“Support – Make sure that the group you choose to associate with socially supports your relationship. Other couples in committed relationships that share your ethics and values can help keep your own relationship happy and healthy.

“So remember, infidelity does not just appear out of a clear, blue sky. There is always a point in time when you make a choice to be faithful or to be unfaithful to your partner. The choice is yours alone, so follow these tips to prevent infidelity, and the choice will always be an easy one...”


FINDING OF THE CHILD JESUS AT THE TEMPLE: The fifth and the last Joyful Mystery of the Holy Rosary, called “finding of the Child Jesus at the Temple”, depicts the joy of the greatly-bothered Joseph and Mary upon finding the boy Jesus, then aged 12 years old, at the Temple in Jerusalem.

Basically, Jesus was left behind by his parents who, not knowing that Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, proceeded to return home after their family attended the Feast of the Passover (an annual Jewish holiday that seeks to remind the Jews of how God freed them from their slavery in Egypt).

Realizing that Jesus was not with them while they were returning home, Joseph and Mary spent three days going back to Jerusalem and searching for Him.

Found in Luke 2:41 to 51 of the Bible, the account of this event in Jesus’ life shows once more the divinity of Jesus, and His having been in possession of a great amount of learning over and beyond what a boy of His age would normally have.

“Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers,” the Bible says, in effect confirming Jesus was not an ordinary man.

And when He told Joseph and Mary that they should not be searching for Him because He had to be in His Father’s house, it was a reaffirmation of His status as the Son of God, something that was already announced earlier by Gabriel, the angel who walks in the presence of God (Luke 1:35).


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