Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Martial law fores have no solution either

OPPONENTS OF MARTIAL LAW OFFER NO SOLUTION OTHER THAN USELESS BABBLINGS: I have a question which I am addressing to the senators and the others who are opposing the declaration of martial law in Maguindanao: what would you instead have, or do, to fight the thousands and thousands of armed men in the province who have vowed to fight the government to the finish to protect the Ampatuans and prevent their trial for the murder of 57 people?

Conspicuously, while you hit and lambast and attack President Arroyo’s Proclamation 1959 that placed Maguindanao under martial law, you have not offered any alternative solution. Quite clearly, many of you are only capable of quacking and berating, but it is obvious that you have no other remedy that will work.

I wonder if, God forbid that you yourselves become president later, martial law will not be your first and foremost solution in a similar situation! I have an unsolicited advice for these lawmakers and their ilk: shut your mouths if you have nothing better to offer, for you are only making the problem more complicated.

Indeed, I am inclined to agree with the observation of many that you yourselves are curses for the entire Filipino people with your useless babblings, all designed for furthering some more your own personal interests.


LADY LAWYER MAKES A RUN FOR THE SENATE, PART II: This is the second and final part of the open letter of Atty. Grace Rinoza Plazo, explaining why she decided to run for senator under the “Ang Kapatiran Party”: “God mandates us to come to our nation’s rescue. Love of God is love of country and love of country is love of its Giver. Your duty is to choose the right leaders. Mine is to offer myself.

“I am offering my experiences, my skills and my passion to serve. This is made possible with the registration of AKP `Ang Kapatiran Party’—the only platform-based political party which is founded on the values of our faith as believers in an Eternal Supreme Being.

“These founding principles are: Options for the Poor and the Vulnerable; Right to Life and Dignity of the Human Person; Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers; Care for God’s Creation; Peace, Active Nonviolence and Progressive Disarmament; among others.

“Running for the Senate is my answer to the call of duty to God and country. Given a chance I will be grateful to serve our nation. With your help and with God’s blessings, I will craft laws that will truly serve the people’s interest.


“WITH GOD IN OUR MIDST, HOW CAN WE FAIL?” “ We need laws that are not only fair but also suffer no loopholes that could be exploited by scheming minds for their unjust ends. Human society needs human laws that are extensions of the Divine.

“We need laws that can guide us in building a community of justice, peace and progress for the good of all. Let us work together to redeem our land. Resurrect our country’s damaged institutions, decaying culture, and vanishing dreams.

“With a sense of pride and national dignity and under the direction of the Supreme Leader of all nations, let us save and nurture our country.

“With God in our midst, how can we fail? Yours sincerely, Atty. Grace RiƱoza-Plazo http://philandreform.forumer.com, http://divinamia.blogspot.com”.


SCOURGING OF JESUS AT THE PILLAR: The “Scourging of Jesus at the Pillar” is the second mystery in the “Sorrowful Mysteries” of the Holy Rosary of the Roman Catholic Christians. Unlike all the other mysteries of the Holy Rosary, however, this second Sorrowful Mystery is the only mystery which is very tersely depicted.

In the Gospels of Matthew (27:26), Mark (15:15), and John (19:1), the scourging of Jesus at the pillar is described in just one sentence: Pilate had Jesus flogged.

In the Gospel of Luke, there is even no direct reference to it whatsoever.

This makes one wonder: what then is the importance of the scourging of Jesus, so that it merited to be included as one of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary of the Roman Catholic Christians?

To me, the significance of this event is to show the wickedness which man could descend to, if he has become totally separated from God, unwilling to comply with His commands, laws and decrees.

While man is a dearly loved creation by God, he could become a beastly creation, rejecting even God and His Son the moment he stops believing and hardening his heart against God’s teachings and direction.

This situation is of course to be avoided, for it leads us to nowhere but hell.


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